1) How much i can Earn ?

You will earn 1 Rs amount for playing entire quiz. Extra 70 Rs amount for Signup.

2) Where i saw my earnings ?

You can show your earning in your dashboard section.

3) What is the thresold amount ?

Thresold amount means you must have to earn or minimum earn that amount to withdraw your earning. Our thresold amount is 400 Rs.

4) When i will receive my earning ?

After you earn your thresold amount you will get your earning within a week. We usually make a weekly payments. Once you will get paid you will also get a conformation mail to your registered email id.

5) Is it a Subscription ?

No. You do not need to take any subscription or do not need to pay any amount to participate.

6) Where should i can get my payment ?

You can receive your payment to you paytm accounts.

7) How to make Paytm account ?

You can create your Paytm account by just entering your email id, password and some basic details on this link : https://paytmapp.app.link/yxZJD7BmXS

8) Next Withdrawal problem ?

You can not withdraw your next cashback untill your previous withdraw has been completed. It will take upto 7 working days.

9) How can i reach my 400 rs thresold with provided quizzes?

You should get one time sign up amount cashback and get more by playing each quizzes daily repeatadly.

10) Have any other Doubts ?

Do not feel hasitate to contact us . we will try our best to solve your query.